Hi I’m Amanda and welcome to my blog where you can see and learn everything about me and my sense of fashion, I wanna help those expand their wardrobe with endless possibilities and try new trends always!

   Why did I start Blogging?  

Throughout my life I have had a huge passion for design and clothing, having the perfect outfit is a big deal to me, not only cause it represents who you are but it makes you feel awesome too. I want to be able to share my life, fashion, and my adventures with you all. So here is where I can express, freely all of my ideas and favorite trends, whether it be fashion or my crazy life  adventures! I’m just a girl trying to be my own boss everyday.

 Where do you live? 

I’m born and raised as a southern girl of Kentucky, currently living amongst Lexington!


I am the youngest family member, I have an older brother, so there is only 2 of us. But two is all that we needed to stay close! My parents are super supportive in everything I do and I have two wonderful children of my own Ryker and Talyn, and just like my clothes, I like everything different including names too!

I hope you find this blog as a place you can always come to and stay updated with the latest fashion trends of every season! I promise to always be there for you all and if you ever need me I’m always an email away! Thanks for being here.


– Amanda

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