Hi i took a much needed break on here, to focus on my overall being and wellness. There is a lot more that i want to express with you all in the following new year. Last year i wasn’t happy with where i was as a influencer, and felt like i wasn’t holding myself accountable with talking on here and focusing on my overall career. I want to improve some things this new year by coming out and sharing more of my life with you.

In this new year i plan to focus more on my health and diet. I need to exercise more , and start meal planning. I share more of my life style on Instagram , so if you feel the need to ask me anything you can do so by messaging me on there. If you all have any good healthy recipes or work out methods that you use and seem to be loving, i would love to know about them!

also i will be sharing our home decor, and where i got my inspiration from soon! We are still working on finding the perfect wool beige rug for our living room , and big floor mirror for our bedroom. Once i have them i will gladly share with you all!

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