Yellow Slip Dress

Hey everyone, I’ve been taking a break from my actual blog to focus more on my Instagram content, and be more creative on that end of things. So if you follow along with me on IG I’m sure you have noticed. I also have skipped most of the filters i bought perviously  and have been doing more natural light photos and sharing more photos on my phone and not just my camera anymore! I decided to do all of this so you can actually see the colors more in the photos i take and not just  the contrast of things also so i can share more outfits of what I’m actually wearing daily instead of a week before! I am trying everyday to focus more on natural light and i love how my feed is right now! with not very edited photos.. Let me know if you all are loving it too!

I wanted to share one of my favorite satin midi dresses with you all, I bought it to wear in Florida and i was so obsessed and the price is just as good as the color! It seriously goes perfect with a tan and  for a night out to have some drinks! Its currently on sale for $25 too! click on the highlighted words to shop! I will also link some of the jewelry I’m wearing too! Chanel pendant necklace  (similar) // daisy london sun necklace 




– XO


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