Neon Trend

Hey loves i hope this week is flying by for you, and has been a great one so far… only one more day until we get to the weekend. I have been wanting to do this post for the past week but we took a trip to Nashville for Valentines Day and we were busy taking time for ourselves and trying out all the good foods! We definitely found a new favorite place for brunch called Pinewood Social , the food and drinks are SO food there! (go check it out if your ever in the area)


I wanted to take the time to share with you one of my favorite trends right now, all the NEON. If you are a fashion lover ,and keep up with the trends or read the latest cosmopolitan in your line at checkout… then you know! You may love it or hate it also , which i totally get if you are disliking it , not every trend is for everyone. I wanted to show you , and share with you about how i got into the neon trend and why I’m loving it! So I’m not a bright kind of clothing person, i actually would stay away from anything like that because i just thought it didn’t look right. But keeping up with this trend is understanding how to pair the right neon top or jacket with the rest of your outfit. I simply took my neon pink puffer jacket, and put it with my rhinestone jeans to add a bit of glam to it , and finished it off with my white boots. I think the boots tie it all together because you are not only focusing on the neon all the time. This look was such a fun look for me and i ended up even ordering a neon yellow sweater a week after, so i guess you could say this neon trend is getting to me, and for sure lighting up my wardrobe.


Neon Pink Puffer Coat similar/ Rhinestone Jeans/ Dolce Vita Peton Bootie

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