Things To Do In Palm Beach

Welcome back friends! I have to say its been a bit since my last post but only because i have been so busy! This summer is off to such a good one and i don’t want to see it end! If you keep up with my Blog  on a regular basis and my IG handle then you probably have a good idea of what I’m going to be sharing with you! So here recently me and the hubs went to Florida for a little  get away vacay for R and R and because it was our second year anniversary! I had always wanted to go to palm beach because i had heard it was so beautiful and let me tell you it was, so I’m here to share a quick highlight from everything to where we ate and what i wore!

Some of you had messaged me about things to do , first off we stayed in one of the most stunning resorts there… Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa. It was all designed by Jonathan Adler so i quickly became obsessed with all the bold colors and pretty patterns. If you need a place to stay this will be your “GO TO”, the Temple Orange restaurant for breakfast had to be my favorite and if you do go please get the mango pancakes with the coconut syrup , your tastes buds will love you forever. The resort has a perfect view of the beach and palm trees all around for the perfect view of shade!


First, lets talk more about food, we made our anniversary dinner at a fine Italian restaurant called Renato’s, i had heard of it before and did some researching on it before we finally decided, a lot of celebrities like to go here when they are in that area because the food is amazing and its super low key , tucked away inside some shops. When we were there i literally forgot we were in florida the whole time, the setting of the restaurant is so realistic, you actually feel like you’re in the middle of Italy! Its simply amazing! I had the Rigatoni all Vodka and a peach martini…. divine!

Second, this was so cool to finally see in person and this is Billionaires row. So yeah of course we all hear about it and know Trumps house Mar-a-lago is there, but these houses are some serious dream homes, i mean maybe in my next life or if we happen to invent something then ill have one lol, but these homes are…. GOALS. So be sure to drive down Ocean Blvd to see all of them i promise your mouth will drop and make you want to move asap!

Third, yes I’m saving the best for last  that is Worth Avenue. If you love to shop like me this is what your favorite part will be, I was just telling another blogger last week to make sure she hits up worth to shop and plus its every bloggers dream shoot spot for that perfect picture! I told her to make sure to take lots of pics! But as far as store they have all the good ones and more! Worth starts at Saks and Neiman Marcus , then goes to Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and more! It is so amazing, we happened to spend way too much in Saks right off the bat, and i will be sharing what we got below! Bond no 9. perfume for me and cologne for him! This stuff is amazing, however you can only get it in NYC or Saks thats it! I don’t like spending too much on perfume, but this is well worth every penny! Plus its unique to get! I even got partnered to be on their list so i can get refills sent to me whenever i want from now on, i love building relationships with people in my favorite stores, so a huge thanks to Beth at Saks in Worth Ave!


Bond No. 9 Madison Ave / Bond No. 9 Madison Park Ave/ Bond No. 9 Peace for Him

Stripe off shoulder dress/ Black sandals / Panama straw hat/ Topshop shopper bag

I could go on more about my trip , but i don’t want to keep you reading what i have to say forever, so long story short, go to Palm Beach and enjoy the beautiful beach and shop at some of the best stores while eating the best foods! I hope to hear from you, if you ever go so i can see what you did!

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