Top 3 Reasons You Should Invest In A Gucci Belt

Hey Friends! It’s been a busy few weeks for us at the Bowlds household but I’m so happy to be able to share something that i have been wanting to talk about for a long time! Some of you follow me to keep up with the latest sales and to see what trends are big for that particular season, but i wanted to do a little different post this time to share my top 3 reasons on why you should put your money towards a Gucci belt.

  1. We have all heard this but Quality over Quantity right!? This belt may be a bit out of price range for some, but one feature is that its meant to last a lifetime so you only have to bite that bullet once when adding this to your cart
  2. It will be the Centerpiece of all outfits you wear, so those nights you stand in your closet and scream ” I have nothing to wear” well this belt fixes all problems. You could literally throw this belt on with sweatpants and it instantly dress it up, and you look like a million bucks. ( don’t really wear it with sweatpants though, that was just a example)
  3. The final and most important reason  i think you should investing a Gucci belt is the resale value for this will never go down! So once you invest your money into something of great value or that is expensive and also a luxury brand, the resale value on that item will still be at about the same price you purchased it for, (depending on its condition) i bought mine for $390 but if i wanted to sale it sometime because i want a different one i could get the money out of it so really its like you never lose your money!! Its amazing , so take my advice and go ahead and take the plunge into getting you that Gucci belt you always wanted!

I hope this post becomes useful to most, and if it doesn’t well… i at least hope i helped you learn something about putting your money into luxury brand items.

Gucci Marmont Belt / H&M Kimono


this is not a paid nor sponsored post with Gucci, its my person opinion on the belt because i love it so much.

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