My New Routine With Goby

TGIF! I am so happy its finally Friday, its been an extremely long week for us! I found out both my boys are fighting from the flu so I’ve bleached out house up and down! We don’t want any flu germs here! I hate seeing my babies sick so we are praying for a quick and speedy recovery!

In the meantime I have been waiting to share this collaboration with you all! I have had such a fun experience with Goby. This is a company whom is based out of NYC and  a strong moto for empowering your mouth! I have discovered that they make brushing your teeth so easy! They provide all the essentials you need at a budget that will never fail you! Here is WHY i loved them, Not only do they have classic colors to choose from for your toothbrush but they also provide replacement heads for a fraction of the cost of other toothbrushes. I use to have a Sonicare toothbrush ( well i still do, just don’t use it anymore) but it costs me $20 for 2 replacement heads, after a while that started to build to to a lot of money on just replacement brushes. Once Goby introduced me to their system i was all SMILES! They offer their replacement heads at $6!!!! And another great part is that you have the option to subscribe and receive a brush head every 1,2, or 3 months with free shipping!!! A-mazing!!



Another great feature i love is how classic and chic this toothbrush is, like most bathroom products, no one wants to leave their toothbrush out for everyone to see, or at least i don’t, but Goby easily gave me that option because it matches the tone and theme of my space and i LOVE that! I have had so many compliments from family and friends on it, like ” hey where did you get your toothbrush?” or ” wow , i never have seen a toothbrush that pretty before” So i know it really is a unique piece!

I now use my goby twice a day morning and night , and sometimes in between if i eat something  that gives me bad breath lol. I think you should definitely  give them a try not because this is a sponsored post but simply because i really do love it! And you can build an amazing relationship with Goby’s system too! Its always nice to have everything delivered to you and keep up with your busy lifestyle so give it a try! It also is launched in a pretty light pink too that would be perfect for that girly bathroom or just to liven things up a little! see pictures of me testing my GOBY out!

Pictured All Black Kit 

You Can Shop My Robe …HERE

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