Eating With Freshly

Hey friends! Im little behind on this post, i happened to cuddle up on the couch last night and pass out after watching stranger things, i was so exhausted from wrapping christmas presents and playing with my boys yesterday!

Today i am sharing who i have teamed up with and by the looks of my IG it is all Food! I was so excited to extend my collaboration with my first ever food company Freshly! And for those of you who do not know what Freshly is , they are a at home delivery food service so everything you order gets made fresh and sent right to your front door step! I mean how much easier does it get!? Most of you are probably thinking well i can order my food online through Amazon, or Kroger and its easy to do it that way too, but the one thing that is better about Freshly is that all of their meals are picked to be the highest quality and peak season ingredients prepared by their own chefs and followed by a guideline thats created by nutritionists.

So I’m going to walk you through it now and at the end of my spill i have a coupon for you to use for your first time also so you will be able to get your first 4 meals a week for only $30 instead of $50! yay! Alright so once you go to their website (listed below) you will see in the right hand corner how it works, click on that to get started and you can choose your meal plans for the week wether it be four, six, nine or twelve!  once you go to that you choose your meals! The ones that i would give good recommendation to are the Chicken Marsala, Peppercorn Steak and the BLT Omelette!

Pictured is the Mediterranean Shrimp Bowl

They are all so good but those three happened to be my favorite! The best part about all of this is that one you don’t have to move off the couch (if you don’t want to) to order you food for the week and you end up saving so much money! being a busy family all the time causes us to eat out the majority of time but with Freshly helping me, they also saved me time and money in my life! This is a partnered ad for freshly and you can bet i will be ordering so much more from them, i am so thankful for this collaboration with them and all the help they have done by organizing my meal preps for the weeks to come! I am providing all of YOU this code to get your $20 off to see if you life it! Don’t be scared to give it a try, i promise you will love it! Use Code: Style639 at checkout!

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