Christmas Gift Guide For Him

It’s a lazy Sunday gang! Yesterday wore me out my little one just turned 3 so we were busy throwing him his birthday party all day! It turned out to be so good and now we’re off to focus on the next event of this month, my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks so we will be off to a mini getaway to Nashville to celebrate! So if you all know of any good restaurants or other places to shop besides the usuals, DM me on Instagram and let me know!

So I’ve been rounding up a few of my favorites for the ultimate gift guide for both her and him and now I wanted to cover the guy side of things! Guys sound like they can be tricky to buy for but really in all honesty, I think they are the easiest! Most guys go with the flow of things and they’re feelings don’t get hurt as easy as ya girls so they will be happy with whatever! My husband has actually told me what he wanted this year for once so I had to do no thinking but when it comes to dads and brothers and nephews etc. this is where this guide comes to help out SO much!

Nike Windrunner Colorblock Jacket 

Yves Saint Laurent Y Men’s Set

Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers

Movado Leather Strap Watch

Nest Learning Thermostat

Burberry Check Pattern Belt

UGG Tech Gloves 

Shinola The Runwell Turntable

Jack Black Comfort & Joy Duo

Ted Baker Knit Beanie

Bose Wireless Headphones

Rodd & Gunn Check Flannel Shirt

Salvatore Ferragamo Slide Sandals

Native Union Card iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Case

The Nike wind runner would be great for any guy, it can be a fun sophisticated look with a sporty feel and super easy to throw on for a day!

The Yves Saint Laurent is amazing! It smells so good and this stuff will last forever, plus everyone loves to try new scents!

Nike Air Max, these are cute because they’re different from all other ones! I love the wool accents on these, and they are neutral enough to match up with most outfits.

The Movado watch, Its a classic time piece for any guy! I think any man needs a classic watch and this one sets the standards!

Nest Learning Thermostat, is it obvious that i would love to have one of these too!? I love all the smart gadgets for homes now, and this one would come in handy for all guys! They would love this one, i mean you can change the temperature of your home by talking!

Burberry Check Pattern belt, I would probably wear this one lol, Im all about style for a guy and this one is the perfect belt! Its subtle enough to dress up or down and this designer always holds its style!

UGG tech gloves, Anyone can use a nice pair of gloves for the crazy weather we have around KY, and these look so cozy and warm!

Shinola Turntable, This particular one i chose for all the music men out there, my husband plays guitar and we have 3 turntables in our house, and is now wanting another but i heard this one is super amazing! I know its a little pricy but its all about the sound when it comes to good music!

Jack Black Set, I previously bought my husband a bunch Jack Black products last year for christmas and he loved it! This one is for hands and lips but they have so many good ones for face and beard too! This is a good one for any one!

Ted Baker Knit Beanie… I love all Ted Baker and this beanie would be so cute on that man in your life for winter!

Bose Wireless Headphones, Everyone could use a pair of these too right? I know how guys are with their headphones and these would be perfect for running too!

Checkered flannel Shirt, i love the colors in this flannel and this would be a good gift for someone such as a brother, or father in law!

Salvatore Ferragamo Slide sandals…if you love a good designer, these would make a perfect gift for the upcoming summer months ahead, i see a lot of guys in slide sandal because they are so easy to throw on and still look stylish.

Native Union Leather Card iPhone case, if you need to play it safe and don’t want to spend too much this gift is perfect! It gives you a place to put all your cards on the back and it comes in two color options brown and black for only $49



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