Reasons You Must Subscribe to the Newsette

Hey Friends! I know i have been a little MIA today but i have been preparing for new posts like this one and rounding up new looks to bring to you! So i know i have briefly told you about the Newsette on my Instgram but i wanted to bring to your attention; this post that is going to tell you all about the main reasons to subscribe to the Newsette.

I am partnering with the Newsette to tell you everything they have to offer! I just found out about the Newsette through fellow bloggers and never knew what it was so for those of you that don’t know what it is, i was once there with you. So the Newsette is an online and FREE subscription to basically fashion , beauty and wellness news updates that gets sent straight to your email, this was first set up to inspire the BUSY work woman on the go they wanted to stay into the know of the top fashion and beauty stuff going on that day in the world! They tell you everything from what is the best selling product of that time and day to important social media updates on Instagram and fashion collabs like the new one introducing Tommy and Gigi taking on Milan!

Lets be honest, wether you a workaholic , busy mom, or a blogger ( you all know what i mean) You just don’t have tine to look at your 20 websites a day to catch up on all the fashion finds and beauty buys or even juicy celebrity gossip. So thats one of the main reasons i thought the Newsette would be perfect for the busy “me” that i am. I am so thankful that they were able to create such a well designed layout for a news update that goes straight to your inbox! I mean who wants to read the paper anymore when you can get all the good stuff right to your phone! This really is everything you need to know to get your day started alongside with that big cup of coffee.

Another point i want to make about the Newsette that i love is that they not only send you the top stories that morning, but i love how they incorporate the best of Instgram photos and influencers at the bottom of the page. This has helped me develop and see other bloggers as well and new followers and friends.

The Newsette is so motivational for that “go get it girl” and i love how it has saved and helped my daily morning routine. I never have to worry or look at my 20 websites a day to figure out what is going on in the world or fashion end of things! And for all my fashion inspired followers i think this would be a great step for you to take to keep up with was is going on! Also it’s never to late to sign up you can start getting your first issue starting tomorrow and if you want to look at past issues on anything you think you might have missed you can do so just by going to the bottom of the page hand clicking the links!  I have provided the links within and below for you to sign up for your first subscription to the Newsette! And i hope you are able to enjoy it throughout your busy life and it becomes as useful to you as it does to me! Get your news on the go! Just look for this box when you get to the site at the bottom!


Please let me know if you all have any questions!