Black Friday with Diff Eyewear

Happy Sunday! I have had an enjoyable day with my kiddos at home playing Mario on our new Nintendo Switch! I think I might be more obsessed with it than I thought, yes it’s worth it so go get one if you have been thinking about it!

So Black Friday sales are coming to an end but that doesn’t mean the sale has to be over right?! For this crazy holiday I have partnered up with Diff Eyewear to share with you on some of their awesome deals they have to offer! On my instagram I shared a recent photo of me in one of their exclusive Becky frames. And right now for their Black Friday and cyber Monday sales they are offering a huge deal with 30% off one pair, 40% off two pairs and 50% off three pairs! This deal ends at midnight on 11/27 so hurry fast while it lasts!  These frames are unlike any other sunglasses i have, i have always been a Ray-ban person or any name brand sunglasses really, but as soon as i heard of Diff, i had to try them out! and they offer prices that are half of those other brands… All of their frames are super durable and come with their own case and cleaning cloths.

Also another good thing about Diff Eyewear is their image they hold, they are here to make eyewear affordable and fashionable for everyone thats why with every pair of glasses you purchase, they give a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. I found that amazing! i always love buying a product knowing it can help another person out in the long run!

They have a ton of lenses and frames to choose from including the new collaboration they just launched with Khloe Kardashian, and this kind of sale only happens once a year! There is only a couple hours until the sale ends so i can’t wait to hear what you all bought! I hope you have a great cyber Monday coming, email me for any questions you all have!

DIFF Sunglasses- Becky Gold|Flash Brown

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