Top 10 Sweaters you NEED this winter

Hello! Is it safe to say i have almost survived getting through this week! This one has been a slow one for me and I’m currently in the middle of tons of interviews and making a long long list of winter wants and christmas decor trends. The hardest decisions for me right now is trying to decide if i want to spend money on new house things or just more winter clothes…. if you know me, you know where that one ended up. So that puts me on here to bring to you the top 10 sweaters you need to have this winter. Alright so we will go in the order below:


  1. Fringe Knit Sweater This sweater is a bit pricy but i would feel like it would be one of those sweaters that is totally worth every penny! And i love the little details of fringe.
  2. BP. Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater This sweater is a good statement sweater, all the open shoulder sweaters keep me warm but not too warm so i like the fact that you don’t burn up in these.
  3. BP. Ruffle Chenille Sweater any time you see the word Chenille in a clothing description.. BUY it! Because that means its the softest material ever, plus its a huge trend setter this year!
  4. Lace Up Sleeve Sweater  i in love with all the sweaters that have the lace up detail on them and this color is one that is very different , so its unique in its own way.
  5. Free People Turtleneck Sweater  If  you’re into FP then you know this sweater is, well you know.. the ONE! who couldn’t love walking around in a big blanket all winter.
  6. Madewell Diamond Pullover Sweater this Sweater is not only adorable but it has fringe on it and thats another selling point to me! oh and its pink 🙂
  7. Cable Sleeve Pullover Sweater When you need that basic sweater that goes with everything… well its this one! And the back of it is even better!
  8. Tiered Sleeve Cable Sweater  Ruffles and more ruffles, if you aren’t in the ruffle trend, well you’re not doing it right, this one is the best one i have found so far!
  9. Free People Laces Sweater (comes in 3 colors) More lace up details and its made by one of the best retail companies. I love how long it is, you can more than likely get away with wearing it as a dress too!
  10. Flare Sleeve Sweater (comes in 5 colors) A basic sweater with those big belle sleeves, i love all the color options this one has, and it looks so cozy!

These sweaters are ones you can repeat forever and style them so many different ways, take some of my tips as good advice when you add these babes to your cart! Im pretty sure i will be adding some to mine as well, but i wanted share them with you first before checking out! Let me know if you have any questions on sizing and such on these brands and i will be happy to help you in any way that i can! Have a good rest of the week



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