Styling a Jumpsuit

Happy Monday! I hope it hasn’t been too hard on you all, I have probably had the busiest day ever today , well by far a busier one than most. I couldn’t even find time to post a picture on my Instagram, if that tells you anything. So in other news  I am one of those people this year that totally put their tree up already… well one of them at least! I have decided to blackout thanksgiving and go straight for the presents this year! I am in full swing of home decorating and here soon i will be sharing my Holiday gift guides for Her and Him again! Also if you have any recommendations on any other topics for the holidays be sure to let me know and i will work them out for you all!

For a while i have been wanting to share this gorgeous jumpsuit that i got a little while ago (some of you are saying what!? i thought that was a dress), yes Jumpsuit, and you are probably like is she living in the 70s still? Um no…. but seriously, its the most comfortable one piece i own, its more cozy then being in a sweater dress all day, and with this yay dint have to worry about your butt ever hanging out.  Im usually not a huge one piece person unless its a romper for summer, but i think i found my next go-to on this Topshop Jumpsuit.

So let me tell you why i think a jumpsuit is now becoming a good thing for fashion. I always stay cleared of them and now I’m thinking to myself… why? So for me this is a easy throw on piece and for the upcoming winter month we have coming ahead it can easily be dressed up or down to give it a more casual feel. Lets talk about dressing it up a tad, throw it on with a pair of black sandal block heels or even a pair of black booties, and add a cute blazer and big statement earrings! At this point all my statement earrings will be gold, The best color to pair for the holidays! Ok, now let me talk to you all about giving this jumpsuit a more casual feel. Casual can be classy too, and my kind of casual has to be cute and comfortable at the same time, so therefore making this jumpsuit on point you have to pair it with a fall/winter Moto jacket (it doesn’t matter what color) and some white sneakers or a pair of slide loafers! I will be linking moto jackets and different shoes along with this romper that is similar. This exact romper is sold out now due to the popularity of the item, but don’t worry because they have this exact print in a log sleeve version, which i think that is even cuter than the one I’m wearing! (Shhhhh) So follow along as you scroll through these pictures and get to shopping at the end! I would love to see how you will style your Jumpsuit!

Photos By: BrittanyBailey Photography

Topshop Jumpsuit (similar)/ Topshop Jumpsuit (Exact Print)/   Mini Chloe faye crossbody/ Suede Moto jacket/ Faux Leather Moto jacket/ Gucci Loafers/ Steve Madden Loafers / Sam Edelman Loafers/ Halogen booties ($only 69)

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