Fascinating Diamonds

Cheers to the weekend friends! Here in KY it has been a gloomy day of rain and cold weather, so it was a good excuse to stay on the couch all day and catch up on some of my favorite shows. Everyone has there certain shows to binge watch on netflix and right now we are hooked on Mindhunter so if you haven’t seen it yet give it a chance , its such a good drama show on real life things. I could never stand those shows out there where your like … “oh it was good, but that would never happen” I think shows take more of my interest when it can really take place. But here lately i have been doing a lot of jewelry posts and collaborations and i just finished up another one with Fascinating Diamonds, a company based out of NYC. Fascinating Diamonds is an online company specializing in engagement and wedding rings , and all diamond jewelry.  They can customize different rings, necklaces and earrings.

When it comes to expensive jewelry, some of you all are probably a little unsure about ordering online, don’t worry i get it. I am that way too about things that come with a big price tag , but this company is SO good to work with, and they have worked with other well known companies such as The Knot, Wedding Bee, and Brides, so all of their creations are well known and have got featured in many wedding magazines.  What i love most about their diamonds are not only the clarity of them itself but the rings are so beautiful when on. As seen on me is the Diamond Leaf Spiral ring in 14K white gold. I chose this ring through them, not only because I wanted a simple ring to wear on my other hand, but i wanted a unique ring that looked as if it was designed for me. This nature inspired engagement ring spoke to me, Its stunning on and i have never seen anything like it so Fascinating diamonds helped me out so much when choosing this ring, It is one of those rings you see in person and say ,”oh my gosh thats beautiful!” You will be able to see below, I’m still loving the design put into this ring!

Diamond Leaf Spiral Ring 

Now that i have told you all about my favorite ring from Fascinating Diamonds, I have to give a little input on the their earrings too, They sent me a pair of the Teardrop Diamond Earrings in 14K gold also. Im a huge earring girl, so these wear easily paired with a pajama top  blouse that i wore to the wine bar for me and the hubbys date night! These earrings are just as stunning as the ring they sent me. The boxes that they sent them in happened to be something i have never seen before, so i have to tell you also that when they package their pieces to send to you they put them in a single jewelry box and their will be a light on the inside of the box to shine down on the jewelry showing how pretty the diamonds shine! All of your diamonds will come with the paper work and a one year warranty on the diamond and  all orders are free shipping too!  Take another look at the teardrop earrings i got to wear below. Each of these items are from Fascinating Diamonds and can be purchased by clicking the links through my post or under the pictures of the pieces.

Teardrop Diamond Earrings

This post is within a collaboration with Fascinating Diamonds; a NYC Jewelry store

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