Sybella Saddle Bag by Dunole

Hey friends! I’m so happy Friday is finally here, we have had another crazy busy week, and I have been backed up with collabs to bring to you all! First ones first though, I have partnered up with one of my favorites Dunole!

If you have a huge passion for handbags like me then I’m sure you will love to hear all about this collaboration. For some of you all that don’t know what Dunole is… I can’t wait to tell! Dunole is owned and fully operated by my girl Jacklyn, she has a huge passion for handcrafted and truly unique pieces and she knows exactly what to do in order to provide them to you! She puts hard work into stitching, cutting and stamping each piece of leather when making her bags. One of the things I found to love most about her work is that she scopes out the best businesses to buy her leather at , so each hide is truly amazing and soft.

Another thing I love about Dunole is that with each bag bought, a small portion is donated to NMS (National Multiple Sclerosis)  and other charities. I always find helping others out with just a purchase that you make, can always make a difference in someone’s life. With the many options Dunole displays, I found that the Sybella saddle bag called out to me (you guys know I love a good saddle bag)  with this bag is can be worn on the shoulder or as a crossbody! It’s so perfect in size and is actually quite roomy, enough for your phone, wallet, keys, and lipgloss. Dunole ranges from a variety of bags, and can come in any color, their are 14 different choices you have to pick from and many of them are just what you need in order to be ready for fall!  My sybella bag is in the color tan for reference.  I have truly enjoyed this beautiful unique piece and appreciate the fine craftsmanship that was put into it. I will be getting more from her because they are just too good to only have one! Use the links in this post or under my images to shop directly at Dunole!

Shop it here: Sybella Saddle Bag

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