Ideal Home Decor For Your Living Space 

Hey friends it’s been a long weekend full of work and trying to get my life together on our new home. I seriously feel like we have had crap scrattered throughout our house for a little over a month and I’m just to OCD to deal with that. I’m the type of person if that if it’s not being used or in the way…. I will just throw it away. So me being the stressed out girl that I am, finally sat down one night and rounded up some of the cutest pieces to decorate your living space in. I’m talking the key pieces in your space, like a big classic rug. These pieces will be put in order so just click on the words beside the numbers, and it will take you straight where to purchase them 🙂

1. Ophelia & Co. Biege/ Ivory Rug- Wayfair so this rug is a classic elegant piece to add to any living area, the neutral colors are easy to pair with and give the room a more open feel. The link i provided is a similar rug because the one i had picked out already sold out!

2. Terrace Side Table Table- West Elm The perfect side table, is another game changer in a living space. We ordered this amazing piece on sale for only $200!

3. Flags Wall Art Print  Adding a unique and talkative piece of Wall Art is another MUST when designing your living space, I love the colors in this one! and it would go well with those blue velvet pillows I’m going to talk about next!

4.Velvet Pillow Cover in Regal Blue – By far one of my favorite purchases for our new living space, these pillows are picture perfect and the velvet on them put off such a chic and warm welcoming vibe! (these will be going on our new couch when it comes in so i can’t wait to share the full picture)

5. Faux Fur Leopard Throw  not only is this throw beautiful to look at but its also a good staple piece to throw on the back on that pretty couch of yours, or place it in a basket in the corner of your room or by the fireplace. I love the colors in it and it looks so comfy!

6. Marble Topped Pedestal Coffee Table the best centerpiece of a room, i believe is a place where you sit your drinks. This is the focal point of your living room, We recently bought this marble top table in gray and all i have done is stare it because its so pretty! The one i linked for you all is the white but i will link the gray also because its a better deal! Marble Topped Pedestal in Gray

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