Results & Reviews with Tanceuticals

Hey Friends! I hope all is well and you made it through Monday without wanting to pull your hair out, i know it has been a much of a struggle day for me, i have no motivation to do anything, on top of feeling terrible again because of these stupid seasonal allergies. On a more fun note i get to tell y’all about a new product i got to try!

Ok so how many of y’all rely on self tanners for summer? Let’s be real tanning beds aren’t the best thing for you, and who has the time to go to one everyday… not me! So therefore i use my go to self tanner, it is easier for me because its the first thing i do after getting out of the shower in the morning, and all day it works and makes me tanner gradually while out and about! I am use to using my Lancome Flash Bronzer self tanning lotion, but this month i wanted to adventure my way into another lotion whom i discovered from a fellow blogger friend of mine actually, basicallybronwyn (so be sure to check her out too!)  Tanceuticals  is a self tanning lotion , but its not like all the other self tanning lotions out there and ill tell you why,  while tanning your skin their lotion also helps improve the quality of your skin, it even has some of my favorite ingredients including organ oil and shea butter, so with the help of that it moisturizes your skin and even tones and firms it. Here is how i first used it, i wanted the best results so the best time to apply it is at night, that way it has time to soak into your skin and work. It comes with a application mitt, so when apply your lotion you want to put a small amount on your mitt and apply it to all areas of your body you want tan, avoid putting too much on these areas though ( elbows, knuckles, feet and back of heels) putting lotion there can cause it to go darker then the rest of your body, plus no one wants to look orange!

The scent of the lotion is a coconut beach smell, I know some of us hate the smell of a spray ta but this smell is not one to last so no worries! after applying before bed, be sure to let your lotions dry enough because if not, you will be like me and have it all over your sheets LOL, yeah thats where i messed up so I’m telling y’all not to do it! I let my lotion work its way over night and when i woke up i had a nice olive skin toned tan! I was so worried it was going to look orange but it was not at all.  I really loved the result of how it worked and i am very pleased of what all it has to offer as far as good nutrients for your skin! I recommend this product dearly and will be using it a lot more from here on out this summer. Another thing that i loved about Tanceuticals was there mini bottle of tinted face moisturizer , i put it on every night before bed and act night my face gets a little color, do you know how much better that helps with my makeup? so good. It makes ugly make up days very rare now.  Everyone know they feel more put together in their life when they have a little tan going on! You will be seeing more of my result pictures along my blog, but you do need to try this product out for summer, i promise you will love it! The body self tanner is only $26 right now on sale, so be sure to get it while you can! I will share some of the pictures of the actual product below! Get your tan on girls!

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