Ellie Activewear 

Happy Tuesday! It’s been a busy day packing up boxes in this household, if you didn’t know we will be moving in the next month or so if everything goes as planned! I’m so excited and I will be doing a post on our new home, once we get settled in later this year… but I’m finally getting around to doing one of my favorite posts for this week!

If you follow me on my Instagram you already have a idea of what I’m going to be talking about! I did a small post on my insta story, talking about my new favorite subscription box, Ellie this was probably the best thing ever thought of so when I found it, I had to have it! Although I’m a busy mom of 2 and I’m constantly at work or blogging, I always make time for my fitness aspect of life, whether it be doing yoga or running… let’s be honest, I hate running so it’s mainly yoga! 😂 I’m always on the hunt for new workout gear to throw on, yet at times that can be a expensive habit to afford until I found Ellie Activewear 

This subscription has not only saved me money, but also time, plus who doesn’t love getting 5 new things once every month. Here are some of the perks about considering Ellie for your new workout wardrobe… Ellie takes the time to pick out 5 curated pieces for each box, every box contains a sports bra, leggings, a top, and 2 pieces of fitness equipment. My first box was this months May box, which contained a black sports bra, gray tank, black and purple leggings, a fitness phone holder for your arm while running, and 3 hand therapy balls to help strengthen your forearm muscles!  I have to say I was a little worried about what the material was going to be like when signing up, but the quality of it is awesome! I know quality is a huge deal for me, I always want my clothes to hold up perfectly and ellie nailed it! Plus I love that each box is different and unique to fit your style every month.

Im a girl that has to have some sort of workout gear that’s simple and cute that will go easily from the gym to dinner night with the hubs, and they have wonderful pieces to do just that, I paired my top with a light weight jacket, cute tennis shoes and a oversized tote and went with this causal right from gym to dinner.

So signing up for Ellie on costs you $49.95 a month and you get 5 things! It’s such a great deal, and something to always look forward to every month as well! I know I always tell you guys I love everything, but this is seriously worth every penny. I absolutely loved my ellie box and I’m already excited to see what I get in next months box! Please take the time and look into what you can get every month and start your subscription to see! Just click on the highlighted links in my post and it will take you straight to their website where you can sign up to get next months box! Here are some of my pictures below of this months Ellie box, check it out:


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