DIY Inspired Hermes Tray

Hey Ya’ll! so thank goodness the weekend is finally here! It has been a crazy and busy week for myself. And I’m now currently working on finding the next pretty day here in Lexington to go out and do my shoot for Romwe. Any who i wanted to share something amazing i found and did all by myself, well with a little help from amazon and Etsy!

For all of you bloggers or non bloggers out there, who have seen the most wanted and favorite Hermes Tray, that sells for $200-$500 , i figured out a way to get around it without breaking the budget (this whole idea is from Pinterest not me ) I had done a little searching for a orange lacquer tray, why that one you ask? Its simply the best one to use for decals. Many serving trays come in a variety of materials, such as pleather, wood and lacquer. So I’m assuring you to get the right one if you are going to be making one yourself. I found my tray on Amazon Orange round Lacquer tray They have two different ones that you can use, the one i made using the round tray, or you can use the Orange Rectangular Lacquer tray which would be easier to lay books or magazines on if you are wanting it for that.  Next i found my Hermes decal, any blogger knows the best place to get your fashion brand logo prints or decals is Etsy- Hermes Vinyl Decal This decal was the best for me because not only was it perfect for the center of the tray but it was also the cheapest, and her shop can make about just anything you want!  For sizing reference i went with the 9 Inch sticker, because the round tray measured 13 inches and it fit perfectly, not too big or too small. But if you are wanting a different Hermes Logo like the circle logo you can find it other ones at

My whole DYI process took me literally 2 minutes to do, it was just a matter of waiting on the things to get to me, which only took about 4 days! So step one: Order Orange Lacquer Tray and step two: Get your Hermes Decal  

If you didn’t catch my finished product on instagram or with LIKEtoKNOWit , here is the picture below! Oh and the Etsy shop LeMaisonDeluxe used my photo for display! I thought that was pretty neat so now its super easy to catch on Etsy!


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