Valentine’s Date night look

Its finally Friday! It only took 1266573 hours to get here, or so it seems to me. I have been super busy and i am a day late on this post because i decided to get sick on the couch last night and not move. Im sorry the post is a day late to you all but I’m doing my best now to make sure you see just what i have to say. So last week i introduced a inspired Valentine date night look on Instagram. The look i went with was a classic red dress? why did i choose red you ask? Well because red is a symbol of love and the original color of a heart. So i wanted it to tie into the simple meaning of Valentines day itself. It took me a few hours to decide on what kind of dress i wanted to go with but this look will totally rock your date night!

Lets start with my red dress, the one I’m wearing actually came from a boutique that i bought from out of town, however i found almost the same dress though ASOS right here. Red dress/      I then paired it with my black topshop jacket, which i probably wear entirely too much, but how could i not!? its amazing.

Lets get to my shoes and purse, I spiced up this simple look by adding my little hints of leopard. This clutch is my go to, If you follow me on Instagram, you are bound to see it in about 95% of my pictures. Yes i love it that much. And i also recommend you get it if you are a blogger! Clare V leopard clutch  My heels are the best too they were a gift to me from myself 🙂 but i found these topshop ones and they’re way cheaper and they look even cuter than mine. Topshop Leopard Heels 

Im not sure if we will we having much of a date night on actual Valentines day, simply because we will have the kids so we have to push our date to the 15th! Im thinking we will actually be going to the lockbox for sinner at the 21 c Museum in Lexington. So more to come about our date night! and i can’t wait to share what dress i just got, look on my Instagram story for a peek!

Have a great weekend…. XOXO


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