The Best of 2016


Happy Tuesday ya’ll! I have been running little behind on getting to this post but, i have been rounding up some of my best moments of my entire life in the year of 2016! I am so Fortunate for you all! You guys are the reason my work has become better, and the reason, i love what i do! And I can’t wait to start on  2017! This past year has been one of the best simply because i got to travel, work with different companies and get married to the man of my dreams, all in one year! I want to break it all down and share each and every moment that happened to be some of the best, and some of my favorite looks from the past year also 😃 enjoy!

In June I married the man of my dreams! I’m so lucky to have this special guy to get through what we call life! We have done so much together in one year of marriage, and he is so supportive of me! I can’t wait to start 2017 with him.

In June we also took our first beach vacation together to the Dominican Republic, it was one of the best weeks of my life full of margaritas and tan lines. I’m counting down the days to go back and relive all of it again.

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This is by far one of my favorite looks going into September! We took this shoot right after i bought this WhoWhatWear Bomber. This look was so simple to put together and that jacket was a perfect transitional piece for fall. This picture literally explains my life; always a coffee in my right hand☺️  To shop this post just click the link that say full post here.

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This Poncho says it all, i still get heart eyes every time i put this piece on. I got so many compliments on this in October, and so many of you got to buy it along with me! It makes me so happy seeing you all buy what i love.  Shop it on the full post details.

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This was another look i enjoyed wearing in 2016, this top was one of the ones i got during one of the many Nordstrom sales. Everyone knows i live on their website and help keep them in business 😜 Shop it here:

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In Late November I got to do a Professional Shoot with one of my favorite Photographers Chloe Grubbs, she is based out of Louisville Ky and her work is taking off and turns out to be super amazing! my next 3 outfits are shot by her, and she kills the look every time. I can’t wait to work with her again in the new year of 2017!

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This picture is another shot by the talented Chloe Grubbs. This dress was one that made me feel absolutely amazing when wearing it, I guess thats why it stayed sold out all of last year! But its definitely one of my top looks from 2016

This Dress was shot in November and I’m still rocking it all through winter, this is one that will keep heads turning! Love the pixelated floral pattern! It gives over such a subtle spring look that can be taken right into the winter too. My next picture leads straight to what I’m talking about.

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I was so lucky to have ended a great year by partnering up with on of my favorites, Sloane Ranger! I got to discuss the tips on how to wear florals in the Winter. Im so happy that i got to be the blogger pick for their website! The post turned out to be a great read. I look forward to starting new relationships and partnerships with new faces and companies for 2017!


One thought on “The Best of 2016

  1. Chloe Grubbs January 16, 2017 / 3:49 pm

    HOW SWEET ARE YOU!!! Making me blush over here, talking about my pictures 🙂 They wouldn’t have turned out half as awesome without you in them! Come back and see me, and lets own the town! Love you chickadee!


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