How to Wear Florals in Winter 

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday, we’re halfway through the week already and I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas!

Recently I have been dropping hints around on instagram about this wonderful post! I have been working so hard on this to get to yall! All of you have seen the title listed as “How to Wear Florals in Winter”, well I’m here to discuss those tips to you.  I thought to myself winter is such a cold and dark month, but I don’t want to put away all my pretty summer/ spring outfits away just because it’s sweater season.  Plus your wardrobe may be the only place you see those pretty blooms for the time being. So I came up with different ways to wear those cute little florals tops and dresses all year long! Most of your floral prints are super busy, so you have to choose your prints and fabrics wisely , keep your florals on the darker color scheme and , cotton, and linen are good fabrics for the weather in June, but when it comes down to December, and January on those fabrics won’t cut it on those chilly days. For the winter months opt out for something cashmere, or the new fad that has come back… Velvet! And long sleeves always help remind you and others what season your in.

Here is one of my Don’ts when it come to wearing florals. Don’t put off mixed signals! If it is cold enough to be wearing a scarf, coat and boots, don’t try to wear a light floral print with bare legs. Those looks suffer from a total identity crisis! Throw out the dress by adding in a floral top with a Moto jacket and skinny jeans, Remember those floral prints have to be added in with what season it is. So don’t try and confuse yourself.

One of my other big Dos on how to wear florals in winter are to always bundle up! More Layers are a smart way to keep warm and it always shows others that you know what season it is. There are many ways you can layer your outfits, Add your favorite cardigan over that floral dress of yours (like me pictured below) or you can even reverse it by taking that turtle neck sweater and wearing it under a slip dress with your boots.  Adding different textures into your look can go far  and make those floral prints have a more wintery feel to them. Be sure to use some of these tips the next time you see that cute spring dress hanging in the closet, test it out. its always fun to try new outfits out.

What i wore below is the look i went for last week, one of my favorite dresses for spring is my floral Chelsea28 dress , it is a long sleeve dress, but i wanted to add a more winter feel by adding my long grey cardigan. This dress happens to have the perfect colors for winter so its easy to pair with sweaters and jackets.  I added in my perfect duffel from Sloane Ranger, I have literally packed this duffel around for weeks! Its my perfect Travel and over night bag. My collaboration with Sloane Ranger is seriously one of my favorites, They are a super great company and care so much about there customers,not to mention their bags are the cutest! Click on all my links to shop my look , stay tuned for more on Sloane Ranger too!

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