Cozy Foldover Cardigan

Hey Y’all I hope you had a great Thursday! I wanted to get on here tonight and share a little update on the gray cardigan i wore today, many of you had asked me about it so i figured i would hurry up and post it on here case it is on sale right now for 40% off, and it was $69! This cardigan is literally my go to for all shirts and blouses i have been wearing recently, its not to much and its just enough to keep you warm through a chilly day, not to mention it will match anything, that a good reason to always stock up on your gray and neutral colors. They’re so versatile and you can do just about anything with them.

On another subject I’m pleased to tell you all i just got accepted into the LiketoKnowit program! i was super excited to receive that email, and you all should be excited to, because now you can shop all of my styles by liking my Instagram photos and it will go directly to your email in one click of a button! (that’s the beauty of it) all you have to do is sign up for like to know it first, it all free no worries! its like a subscription to my closet! Be sure to shop my cardigan below>>> click the links or pictures!

Foldover Open CardiganBlack OTK Boots/ White Cami


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