My Coziest Sweater of Fall

Hey Y’all! I have had one of the best days off today, and i couldn’t wait to get back home to get to my computer to share it with you all! I went to lunch at one of my favorite little sandwich shops in downtown Lex, its called.. Dad’s (if you haven’t been yet, you’re missing out) and if you have been then you know what I’m talking about! Everything in there is so delicious! Go try it out if you haven’t been!

I know y’all have been reading how i have recently got one of the most comfortable sweaters recently. Im talking about this sweater is by far the best thing ever, you will probably find me living in it all of fall because of its warmth and texture. Also i have to mention its one of my top favorite fall colors right now… Blush i swear i can’t get enough of all the blush colors. Not only is this one of my colors right now, but the grays, Wines, and blues have me hooked too. I wish you all could see whats in my Nordstrom cart right now, So many things that i cannot wait to bring to you. but lets get back on the subject of this sweater it comes in 2 different colors and its a little pricy right now but the good news is, its from the Loft and the usually run online sales on the daily! I caught this sweater about 2 weeks about with 40% off so i got a deal, but don’t panic you can get the deal too, just check in on it through the week , and i promise they will put it back with a discounted price. This sweater is part of my favorite line out, Lou and Grey. They carry very neutral pieces so if you are loving what I’m wearing, you will love all of their styles. Shop this sweater below and look at the pictures, You can definitely see how cozy it is! link is below

Lou & Grey Blush Poncho SweaterLeopard Calf Hair Loafers

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