Fall Neutrals 

Hello Monday! I don’t know about y’all, but today was a rough day to get through! All that is holding me together is knowing I will we on the way to FL this Wednesday. I can’t wait to share more styles coming from Tampa. So make sure you keep up with my vacation on Snap: amandagathomp for all details this coming week. Today I shared some of my favorite neural top picks for fall! I’m such a sucker for anything soft and neutral. I think it’s classic, so on here I’m sharing my list on these awesome sweaters and such. One of my top favorites has to be this tan sweater from chic wish, I love low collar turtleneck sweaters … they’re cozy and look awesome with wavy hair. Also I’m totally into the pale pink poncho cozy sweater from louandgrey, it comes in the pink and a dark gray. Sweater season is the best season. Bring me all things comfy! I’m listing them in order( starting from left to right) so just tap the links below to see where I found my top sweater picks from! 

1. Leopard shift dress/ 2. Camel stripe Cape/ 3. Fringe Sleeve Pullover/ 4. Bubble stitch Sweater/ 5. Poncho Sweater/ 6. Chic turtleneck Sweater

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