Lace up Blouse

Only one more day until Friday… were almost to the weekend! I decided to go ahead and put my post up for my lace up top… (simply because many of you have been asking me about it) So as you might or might not know. Lace up is the new fab, whether it be shoes, dresses or tops, If it laces up… lets just say is adorable. This lace up top was on sale when i purchased it and literally sold out in all 3 colors within 2 days… so i took it to be a very popular blouse. Please don’t panic though, Ive got you covered i went through and found almost the same tops like this one so you can no longer have to search around because everything you need to buy is right in the links! And these tops also come in other colors. If you haven’t shopped the Lush brand from Nordstorm, Its amazing! Probably one of the softest materials for a blouse Ive ever found. (so i’m a huge fan of the Lush brand) I’m also adding in the lace up sweater i now have my eye on, and my Baublebar earrings! you know where the links are so get to picking out what lace up tops you want to add to your fall wardrobe!

Lush Lace up Blouse/ Lush cross front top/ Lace up long sleeve/ Lace up sweater/ Tassel Drop Earrings

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