5 steps to finding your wedding photographer 

As most of you know that follow me, I recently got married in June. Now that all the stress is over with I wanted to help those of you getting married along the way, my bigger stress when planning my wedding wasn’t the venue nor the perfect cake. I wanted to find the best photographer out there. I searched for months and months until I ran across the one I finally wanted to use! I wanted to share the top 5 steps on finding your photographer for your special day! 

1. Settle on a style
Before you research photographers you need to reflect on what kind of theme your wedding is going to be to determine what kind of photographer you want to be shooting it. For me I was having a elegant vineyard wedding. So I knew I wanted my pictures to be edgy/ bold but also have the documentary look to it. I don’t like posed photos. I’m rather in the moment type of pictures. Let’s face it no one is gonna look back at a picture and remember that moment inside of you standing there cheesing. I wanted laughter and love shown in our picture. Because those are the memories that mean something. 

2. Browse websites 

Second browse some websites, Google around for the top photographers in your state or area. Visit the knot! This website helped me out tremendously and also let me to my awesome photographer. Once you look around ask about prices and schedule a time for you to meet each other. 

3. Make sure your personalities match 

Step 3 might not seem like much but this is a big one. You want to make sure you “click” with your photographer when you meet, these are going to be your wedding pictures. So they need to like what you like and vise versa, that way your photos can be you. 

4. Make your budget 

Step 4 is for you and your family to decide on, have a budget on how much you are willing to pay for your photos, go over if you can get all rights to them, that way you can print what you want. That was a huge deal to me! I love pictures and I wanted all from my big day. Make sure your budget is in the price ranger of 1500-25000 for awesome photographers. Good pictures don’t come cheap

5. Lock it in  

Step 5 is the most important, after you have decided on who you want for your big day, don’t waste any time and pay your part to save your date! Lock it in… Time is precious and good photographers book super fast. I hope this helps all the suture bride out there. And I want to say thank you to my photographer for making my pictures so amazing. If you are having a wedding in Ky or near by, use her! Go to Brandi potter photo 

Here is some of her work and I couldn’t wait to share these special moments with you all 

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