Plan, prepare, and tassel on! 

                     Here’s the outcome of my tassel earrings! I just had to share. On my Wednesday morning grind with coffee, planning and arts and crafts with jewelry! If your wondering what I’m making it is what I’ve been obsessed with here lately a lot… One word…Tassels!  Really I have a problem! It’s a good one though, cause they’re just too cute with any outfit and make me smile every time I wear them! I’ll be sure to most more pics of them whenever I get finished. But I wanted to share with you all on how to make them. I know it probably looks hard but it’s super easy! This is what I did. Go to Michael’s (the best craft store ever, besides hobby lobby of course) go to the jewelry section grab some necklace clasps,  and circle clasps that hold the tassels on, then rope or necklaces already put together, then go to the yarn section, get some small string that you use to make your bracelets with,(the ones everyone use to make in the 90s) you know.  I’m providing the link that helped me get through it if you have any trouble, Fall for DYI ! Hope you guys find it helpful!

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